4 Cheerleaders of the Apocalypse (1997)

Directed by: Ted Roesgen

Stars: James Freeman, Brenda Gnerer, Lori Barrett

Language: English

Country: Usa | Vhsrip

Also known as: Four Cheerleaders of the Apocalypse

Description: Bizarre and unspeakable events begin unfolding at Yorktown, North Dakota Vo-Tech, where cheerleading coach Rebecca and new biology teacher Alex Sharpe “join forces” to face the evil. A pitch-forked farmer and a doom-saying Elvis foretell the outlandish horror to come when classrooms turn to bloody battlegrounds pitting teacher against pupil, leading our two valiant heroes on a hilarious, nightmarish adventure to discover the terrifying truth behind the carnage, madness and devilishly sexy goings-on.



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