A Girl Called Jules (1970)

Directed by: Tonino Valerii

Stars: Silvia Dionisio, Gianni Macchia, Esmeralda Ruspoli

Language: Italian | Subtitles: English, French

Country: France | Custom DVD

Also known as: La ragazza di nome Giulio, Las perversiones sexuales de una chica llamada Julio, Jet Set Swingers, Model Love

Description: Sexual melodrama set in fascist Italy is a superbly well orchestrated tale. Adapted from the 1964 novel written by Milena Milani. Shocked by an adolescent homosexual experience, Jules begins to encounter many problems with her feminine identity, and ultimately men. She falls in love with a highly promiscuous female and this is where her real problems begin

Note: This custom Dvd video source taken from best available tvrip run time approx 96mins only some useless dialogue scenes missing compared to longer vhs tape all hot scenes are intact in this version



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