Bali (1970)

Directed by: Paolo Heusch, Ugo Liberatore

Stars: John Steiner, Laura Antonelli and Umberto Orsini

Language: Italian | Subtitles: Spanish

Country: Italy

Also known as: Incontro d’amore, Avventura a Bali, Incontro d’amore a Bali

Description: On a spiritual quest, a British scholar (John Steiner) travels to the beautiful and exotic island of Bali with a photographer and his wife. The scholar has two native wives and a native boyfriend, a sculptor. The photographer has a native mistress, and encounters a missionary with a nymphomaniac daughter. Filled with spectacular photography, the film’s focus remains on the characters’ problems and the quirks and joys of cross-cultural encounters, developing the native characters in unusual depth.



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