Beyond Love And Evil (1971)

Directed by: Jacques Scandelari

Stars: Souchka, Lucas de Chabaneix and Fred Saint-James

Language: English (dubbed)

Country: France

Also known as: Decameron francese, La philosophie dans le boudoir, O thriamvos tou erota, Sade 76, The Philosophy of the Bedroom

Description: Zenoff enters a heavily guarded country mansion. He finds a vast orgy occurring within, presided over by Yald, a debauched libertine seeking to orchestrate an atmosphere of unbridled sensual pleasure with no concessions to conventional morality. Zenoff is quite shocked, particularly when Yald announces he’s about to be married and that he expects all his guests to have their way with his wife-to-be Xenia–who it just so happens is also Zenoff’s true love!



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