Danger Route (1967)

Directed by: Seth Holt

Stars: Richard Johnson, Carol Lynley and Barbara Bouchet

Language: English

Country: UK

Also known as: La mano che uccide, La ruta del peligro, Le coup du lapin, O Karatê da Morte (A Rota do Perigo), O ektelestis, Ratten im Secret Service, Ruta peligrosa, Slaget som dödar, Tappava isku

Description: Jonas Wilde, a British secret service agent licensed to kill, returns from a successful mission determined to resign. Canning, his London superior, agrees to forward his resignation if Wilde eliminates a Czechoslovakian scientist defector now being held by the Americans.

Review: A nice, tight, secret-agent film.…To compare this film to 007 Bond films would to be lead readers astray.Bond films don’t have tight plots – this film is far closer to the films and series based on John Le Carré’s works. The film is never boring and seems to finish too soon – one would have liked more time for the denouement. And that is a sign of a good tight plot – when the viewer feels that the film has ended too soon. The film shows how without any gadgets and spectacular action a good plot can still hold the viewers’ attention. There is action – fights and murders – but they are not spectacular – nor are they intended to be. They are cold, quick and quiet. It is an enjoyable secret service film from the 1960’s – a predecessor for the excellent Le Carré films and series. Enjoy it!



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