Death Laid an Egg (1968)

Directed by: Giulio Questi

Stars: Gina Lollobrigida, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Ewa Aulin

Language: English/Italian (2tracks)

Country: Italy

Also known as: La morte ha fatto l’uovo, A Curious Way to Love, Döden lägger ägg, Die Falle, Dos menos uno, tres, I gennisi tou thanatou, Kuoleman ansa, La mort a pondu un oeuf, La muerte ha puesto un huevo, Oi diavolemenoi, Plucked

Description: A love triangle develops between three people who run a high tech chicken farm. It involves Anna (who owns the farm), her husband Marco (who kills prostitutes in his spare time) and Gabriella (the very beautiful secretary). Marco continues to kill as jealousy becomes more prevalent on the farm.



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