Emmanuelle: A World of Desire (1994)

Directed by: Lev L. Spiro

Actors: Krista Allen, Paul Michael Robinson, P.S. Sono, Kimberly Rowe, Brad Nick’ell

Language: English

Country: France

Also known as: Emmanuelle 2 – Ein tiefes Verlangen, Emmanuelle in Space 2: A World of Desire, Les promesses d’Emmanuelle, Uusi Emmanuelle 2 – intohimon vallassa

Description: Alien charges are showing great “potential” in the lovemaking department–especially one hunky male–but things could get out of hand when another student falls for an Earth girl.

Review: Really sexy feature… A really good soft core sex movie with the super hot Krista Allen. In my opinion, this is Krista’s best and that’s mainly because of the highly sensual, hot, steamy sex scene where she’s taken from behind by Paul Michael Robinson. You know, the scene where she grabs the bed’s poles.A magnificent scene that pretty much describes the movie. The plot is also really good and sexy but the movie lacks of sex scenes.Krista as always delivers a magnificent performance. She’s young, sexy, and has a marvelous body. Her lingerie was truly sexy for this movie specially, I can’t remember any other of her movies with her watching such sexy lingerie. Recommended only for Krista’s fans.



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