Emmanuelle and Joanna (1979)

Directed by: Franco Rossetti

Actors: Sherry Buchanan, Paola Montenero, Marina Hedman, Brunello Chiodetti

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: Il mondo porno di due sorelle, Deux super sensuelles, Intime Beichte einer Frau, O Mundo Porno de Duas Irmãs

Description: An unhappy housewife desperately seeks to free herself from the brutal sexual excesses forced upon her by her husband. She attempts to find solice in an affair with a younger man, but is abused by him as well. In desperation she turns to her sister Giovanna (Joanna), who runs a brothel, specializing in sado-masochistic games. With Giovanna’s help, our heroine plots her revenge upon the men who have mistreated her with a display of sexual excess.



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