Extremities (1986)

Directed by: Robert M. Young

Stars: Farrah Fawcett, James Russo and Alfre Woodard

Language: English

Country: Usa | dvdrip

Also known as: Akrotites, Elszabadult indulatok, Extremidades, Extremities (La humillación), Humilhação, Oltre ogni limite, Naisen kosto, Onur meselesi, Seduzida ao Extremo, Skrajnosci, Tot het uiterste

Description: An intended rape victim manages to escape from her attacker but leaves her purse behind. Worried that he may visit her house and finish what he has started, she contacts the police but they are unable to help, saying that she has no proof. “If he calls, let us know and we’ll send a man round!” A fat load of good that would be. Her worst fears are realised when, alone one day in the house, her attacker visits and attempts again to rape her. Circumstances allow her not only to resist the attack but to turn the tables and lock him away. And that is where her dilemma really starts. Does she release him and risk another attack? Does she go to the police and risk being called a liar? Or does she kill him – and become as low as him?

Review: This move actually had me jumping out of my chair in anticipation of what the actors were going to do! The acting was the best, Farrah should have gotten a Oscar for this she was fabulous. James Russo was so good I hated him he was the villain and played it wonderful. There aren’t many movies that have riveted me as this one. The cast was great Alfie looking shocked with those big eyes Farrah looking like a victim and you re-lived her horror as she went through it. Farrah made you feel like you were there and feeling the same anger she felt you wanted her to hurt him, yet you also knew it was the wrong thing to do. The movie had you on a roller coaster ride and you went up and down with each scene.



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