Fatal Passion (1995)

Directed by: T.L. Lankford

Stars: Lisa Comshaw, Clayton Norcross, Lawrence Tierney

Language: English

Country: Usa | dvdrip

Also known as: Portrait in Red, Deep Red, Estranha Inspiração

Description: When young men begin disappearing from the trendy downtown nightclub scene, Detective Wilder begins searching for answers. The trail leads him to Rebecca Barlow, a beautiful and talented artist who paints with a passion, driven by dark dreams and sensual themes. No man can resist the seductive charms of Rebecca, including Adam Baxter, a handsome actor who immediately dumps his girlfriend, Laurel, to be with the sensual painter. A torrid affair ensues, but soon Adam senses that another personality lurks within Rebecca’s body, one that is capable of committing unspeakable acts of violence at the height of passion. As detective Wilder closes in on the suspect, the race is on to free Adam from Rebecca’s seductive spell, before he becomes her next “Portrait In Red”.



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