Glass Ceiling (1971)

Directed by: Eloy de la Iglesia

Stars: Carmen Sevilla, Dean Selmier, Patty Shepard

Language: English

Country: Spain | Vhsrip

Also known as: El techo de cristal, Glass Ceiling

Description: In this thriller, Actress Carmen Sevilla plays a housewife living in a small apartment building with a bad neighbor problem. Her husband (Fernando Cebrian) has gone off on a trip, as has the husband of her sexy upstairs neighbor (Patty Shepherd). Her landlord (Dean Selmier), who lives downstairs, constantly photographs both women, when he is not fussing over his dogs and pigs. When she hears heavy footsteps in the apartment above her, she is worried. Does her neighbor have a lover? What about her husband, supposedly off on a business trip? When she makes a grisly discovery about her neighbor’s husband, her troubles are just beginning.



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