Lebensborn (1997)

Directed by: David Stephens

Stars: Melissa Carlton, Greg Forshay, Arthur Roberts

Language: English, Portuguese (2tracks)

Country: Usa | Tvrip

Description: College freshman Kari Berman and her twin brother Kyle are young, healthy, brilliant, and attractive. To genetic researcher Dr. Martin Speer they’re breeding stock, part of his scheme to make a better baby through modern genetics. The World War II Nazi program to breed the perfect Aryan race is alive and well on a midwestern college campus. Kari’s life will never be the same when she discovers the shocking truth behind “Lebensborn,” and makes an extraordinary decision. Adultery, genetic engineering, white supremacy, DNA, neo-Nazis, Aryan twins, incest it’s all in “Lebensborn,” accompanied by Wagner opera.



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