Lips of Blood (1975)

Directed by: Jean Rollin

Actors: Jean-Loup Philippe, Annie Belle and Natalie Perrey

Language: French | Subtitles: English

Country: France

Also known as: Lèvres de sang, Aima sta heili ton parthenon, Heili pou estazan aima, Jennifer, Matomena heili, Suce-moi vampire, Suck Me, Vampire

Description: A young boy gets himself lost in the ruins of what was once a castle. He encounters a lady in white who gives him shelter for the night. Half way through the night he is awoken by the lady and told to leave as his parents were worried about him. They part with a kiss and the boy promises to come back for her and that he loves her.Twenty years later the boy is now a young man. After his father died he forgot much of his childhood and has doubts about the childhood his mother describes to him. At a dinner party one evening he sees a picture of the ruins and begins to remember meeting the lady in white, and falling in love with her. He decides he must find where the ruins are located and return to them to try and find the lady in white. During his hunt for the location of the man begins to see images of the lady in white. He follows the image to a cemetery where he opens four coffins which contain vampire bats. What he doesn’t realize is that he has just unleashed four female vampires onto the city of Paris.


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