Love Camp (1977)

Directed by: Jesus Franco

Stars: Muriel Montossé, Ada Tauler and Monica Swinn

Language: English (dubbed)

Country: Switzerland

Also known as: Frauen im Liebeslager, Camp érotique, Camp d’amour pour mercenaires, Mujeres en el campo de concentración del amor, Orgia se stratopedo gynaikon

Description: A group of women are kidnapped by guerrillas and forced to serve as prostitutes for them in a jungle brothel. The sadistic female warden decapitates uncooperative girls.

Review: Love Camp.. No one does the WIP genre better than Jess Franco and once again he delivers the sleaze and nudity. A group of women are kidnapped and taken to a remote jungle where they are forced to sleep with soldiers who are fighting the “revolution”. No only must they put themselves out they also have to deal with a sadistic lesbian warden (Nanda Van Bergen).



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