Naked Girl Killed in the Park (1972)

Directed by: Alfonso Brescia

Stars: Robert Hoffmann, Irina Demick and Pilar Velázquez

Language: Italian, English (2 tracks)

Country: Italy

Also known as: Ragazza tutta nuda assassinata nel parco, Gymni dolofonimeni sto parko, Joven de buena familia sospechosa de asesinato, Nakent offer

Description: Story about an inheritance that spreads murder, and in the first half of the film, only one killing happens and then the film goes on rather as a family drama than a Giallo. But in the middle of the film, the title happens a member of the family is indeed found nude and killed in a park, and from now on, it’s a typical Giallo. The bodies are piling up , and towards the climax, there is the usual surprise as the identity of the killer is revealed.



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