Quiet Kill (2004)

Directed by: Mark Jones

Stars: Claudia Christian, Corbin Bernsen, Ron Perlman

Language: English

Country: Usa | Dvdrip

Also known as: Nightmare Boulevard

Description: Amy Martin (Claudia Christian), an attractive married woman and a member of the ‘Country Club Tennis Set’, is being neglected by her workaholic doctor husband, Jerry (Corbin Bernsen). Lonely and insecure, Amy foolishly falls for the seductive charms of a much younger man, Steve Sterns (Nicholas Celozzi) who is introduced to Amy by her good friend, Sheila. The love affair is very brief, as she realizes that Steve has a dark, sinister and obsessive side to his personality, or is it personalities? Amy tries to break off the relationship, only to find that her adulterous lover has become her stalker.



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