Romance of a Horsethief (1971)

Directed by: Abraham Polonsky

Stars: Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach, Jane Birkin

Language: English

Country: Yugoslavia | Dvdrip

Description: Since time immemorial, the simple-minded boisterous people of Malava, a small Polish town near the border of imperial Russia, have lived on horse-stealing, horse-trading and horse-smuggling. Life changes abruptly when a Russian garrison, commanded by Captain Stoloff, occupies the town and, in the name of the Czar, requisitions all the horses for the Russian-Japanese War. With no more horses to steal, Kifke cannot afford to marry Estusha and all the young men in the village are likely to be incorporated into the Russian army. This state of affairs cannot continue and Zavill will take care of things.



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