Schoolgirl Report 2 (1971)

Directed by: Ernst Hofbauer

Stars: Friedrich von Thun and Christine Snyder

Language: German | Subtitles: English

Country: Germany | Dvdrip

Also known as: Der neue Schulmädchenreport, Der neue Schulmädchenreport 2. Teil – Was Eltern den Schlaf raubt, Der neue Schulmädchenreport 2.Teil – Was Eltern den Schlaf raubt, Further Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl, Raportti koulutytöistä, Rapport om skolflickorna, Reportage gyro apo tis mathitries No 2, Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night, Schoolgirls’ Report – Why Parents Lose Their Sleep, Thranio No 2: Etsi mathame ton erota

Description: A strict, conservative teacher is lured by three of his beautiful, nubile young female students into a compromising situation.



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