Sexandroide (1987)

Directed by: Michel Ricaud

Language: French

Country: France | vhsrip

Description: ultra gory trilogy of short but nasty stories in sleaze. A guy uses voodoo to get revenge on a old lover. While she’s at a club, he plunges needles into her doll like replica’s nipples, crotch, eyes, you name it. Of course she ends up looking like a pin cushion. Next up features a girl who is forced into a dungeon where she plays around with fire, whips herself into a frenzy and finally, a monster shows up to do the same. He then ties her up, puntures her nipples and yanks out an eyeball! They end up in love. Finally, a dead man returns to life at a funeral home and proceeds to bite a mourner on the neck. She ends up becoming a vampire



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