Slaughter Hotel (1971)

Directed by: Fernando Di Leo

Stars: Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee and Rosalba Neri

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: La bestia uccide a sangue freddo , Asylum Erotica, Das Schloß der blauen Vögel, Dipsa gia sarka kai aima, La clinique des ténèbres, La clinique sanglante, Les insatiables poupées érotiques, Les insatisfaites poupées érotiques du docteur Hitchcock, The Beast Kills in Cold Blood, The Cold-Blooded Beast, To kastro tou tromou

Description: In a psychiatric clinic for rich women, dies murdered, one after another, a nurse and two patients, while an arrow hit another woman. The guilty is a masked man. The police decide to set up a trap, but the line of murdering isn’t still over.



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