Story of a Cloistered Nun (1973)

Directed by: Domenico Paolella

Stars: Catherine Spaak, Suzy Kendall, Eleonora Giorgi

Language: English

Country: Italy | dvdrip

Also known as: Storia di una monaca di clausura, Diary of a Cloistered Nun, Unholy Convent, Der Nonnenspiegel

Description: A woman who was promised to a powerful family’s son at birth falls in love with another man, refuses to renounce him, and is sent to a nunnery by her shocked parents. Once there, she first undergoes degradation to acclimatize her to convent life; then she experiences rampant lesbianism by the repressed nuns, and becomes pregnant by her lover. Finally, her refusal to accede to one nun’s lascivious lesbian advances leads to plotting and treachery, and her lover being murdered out of jealousy. Her life now ruined, she further scandalises her family by refusing to take her vows, and leaves the convent, devoting her existence to those in need. Claims to be based on a true story !



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