Tales of the Third Dimension (1984)

Directed by: Worth Keeter, Thom McIntyre

Stars: Robert Bloodworth, Kevin Campbell, William T. Hicks

Language: English

Country: Usa | Vhsrip

Also known as: Igor

Description: This movie is made-up of three tales, the first one is, “Young Blood” it is about a married pair of vampires who adopt a child and are horrified to discover that it is another kind of monster all together. In “The Guardians,” a pair of avaricious grave robbers make a terrible mistake when they visit the St. Francis Abbey cemetery to do a little pillaging. The final episode, “Visions of Sugar-Plum” is set at Christmas time and is set at the home of an outwardly loving grandmother whose smile conceals the heart of a cold-blooded killer.



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