Tank Malling (1989)

Directed by: James Marcus

Stars: Ray Winstone, Amanda Donohoe, Glen Murphy

Language: English

Country: Uk | Dvdrip

Also known as: Beyond Soho, Double Cross

Description: A nightmare of vice and corruption stretching to the very heart of the Police force to the Cabinet. Tank ( Ray Winstone ) is an investigative reporter and jailbird, framed on scant evidence supplied by the London mob. Helen ( Amanda Donohue ) is the sensuous call-girl who offers Tank amunition and retribution. But, retaliation is swifr and brutal, in the guise of Sir robert Knights and his equally lethal lawyer, Dunboyne ( Jason Connery ). A series of hideous murders follow as the devil protects his own. Only Malling and Helen can halt the onslaught. But, for how long ? and at what price ?



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