The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail (1971)

Directed by: Sergio Martino

Stars: George Hilton, Anita Strindberg and Alberto de Mendoza

Language: Italian, English (2 tracks) | Subtitles: English

Country: Italy | dvdrip

Also known as: La coda dello scorpione, La cola del escorpión, A Cauda do Escorpião, Der Schwanz des Skorpions, I avgi ton mavron stileton (Dawn of the Black Stilletos), I oura tou skorpiou, La queue du scorpion, Tail of the Scorpion

Description: Begins with the mysterious death of a millionaire and spirals into the murder of his suddenly rich wife, which draws the attention of a dogged investigator, who follows a trail of blood to the bitter end.



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