The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers (1992)

Directed by: Paul Norman

Stars: Deidre Holland, Nina Hartley and Britt Morgan

Language: Russian

Country: USA

Also known as: Las aventuras eróticas de los tres mosqueteros

Description: The glory and savagery of 1647 Frances is captured in explicit detail as swords cling, villains get their just rewards and beautiful women are bedded.

Review: Good Movie… This is a pretty good film. The movie has a realistic feel to it even though some of the actors that were in it were very awful. The best part of this movie involves the scenes with Deidre Holland. She is credited here as Martine Anuszek. Whatever here name, she is probably the prettiest adult film star of all time. Her first scene is with Steve Drake, which is good for all fans of her since she is not with her husband Jon Doe. The scene starts off with a touch of humor as Drake can’t seem to take Deidre’s cloths off. She is wearing a chastity belt that Drake finds a key and then things get going pretty hot and heavy. You can tell that Deidre is really into the scene as she moans and groans as Drake takes her doggy style. Drake then turns her over and they go at it missionary style. Diedre looks like she has an orgasm since she is really moaning. The cool thing about this scene is that she is not faking her moaning. Both actors seem really turned on by one another. Drake is one luck guy! The other scenes are somewhat good, especially the ones with Britt Morgan, who looks pretty good in this flick. The Deidre Holland and Nina Hartley scene is one of the best girl-girl scenes of all time. They both are into each other and you can really tell that they like working with each other. Great movie that I recommend you get especially if you are a fan of Deidre Holland.



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