The Hot Spot (1990)

Directed by: Dennis Hopper

Stars: Don Johnson, Virginia Madsen, Jennifer Connelly

Language: English (brrip) + English, Italian, French, German, Spanish (5 tracks) Dvdrip

Country: Usa | Brrip

Also known as: Zona caliente, Hot Spot – Um Local Muito Quente, Labios ardientes, The hot Spot – Spiel mit dem Feuer, The Hot Spot – Il posto caldo

Description: When the drifter Harry Madox reaches a small town in Texas, he gets a job as used car salesman with the dealer George Harshaw and settles down in a hotel room. During a fire, Harry observes that the local bank is left empty and open without any security. Sooner he plots a scheme to rob the bank, provoking a fire in his room to distract the employees. When Harry meets George’s wife Dolly Harshaw, the easy woman teases him and they have sex. Harry becomes the prime suspect of the bank heist and is arrested, but Dolly provided the necessary alibi to release him and blackmails him to have a love affair with her. However, Harry falls in love for Gloria Harper, who works as accountant in the dealership. He discovers that Gloria is blackmailed by the despicable Frank Sutton and he decides to press Sutton.



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