The Lady in Red Kills Seven Times (1972)

Directed by: Emilio Miraglia

Stars: Barbara Bouchet, Ugo Pagliai and Marina Malfatti

Language: Italian, English (2 tracks) | Subtitles: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: La dama rossa uccide sette volte, Cry of a Prostitute: Love Kills, Diathiki gia 7 eglimata, Die Rote Dame, Epta eglimata zitoun enoho, Horror House, La dama de la capa roja, La dama rosa mata siete veces, La dame rouge tua 7 fois, Red Queen Kills 7 Times, The Corpse Which Didn’t Want to Die

Description: A long time ago there were two sisters, a red queen and a black queen. They grew up hating each other. Finally the black queen killed the red queen by stabbing her seven times. The red queen came back from the dead and killed six people then killed the black queen. This cycle repeats it self every 100 years. But its only a legend…right?



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