The Last Billionaire (1934)

Directed by: René Clair

Stars: Max Dearly, Sinoël, Paul Ollivier

Language: French | Subtitles: English, Japanese

Country: France | Dvdrip

Also known as: Le dernier milliardaire

Description: Max Dearly stars as Monsieur Banco, the richest man in the world. On the verge of revolution, the bankrupt kingdom of Casinaria begs Banco to pay a visit and offer financial advice. Alas, upon his arrival our hero is accidentally hit on the head, and he later awakens as a babbling imbecile. But the parliamentary leaders of Casinaria, seeing only the man and not his condition, regard Banco’s lunatic ramblings as pure genius — and act upon them accordingly! A sheer delight when seen today



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