The Last House on Dead End Street (1977)

Directed by: Roger Watkins

Stars: Roger Watkins, Ken Fisher and Bill Schlageter

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: At the Hour of Our Death, The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, The Fun House

Description: After serving 1 year in jail a guy decides to repay the society by making some snuff-films. Four people are captured, tied up and held as material for his project. One by one they are killed in scenes for the camera. A woman has her limbs sawn of while he keep her concious. Another victim is killed by a power drill.

Review: Wow…. First of all I just wanted to say the chances of you finding this at your local Blockbuster are slim to none. Secondly, this is most definetly the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. The plot concerns a totally unlikeable sleazy pimp fresh out of prison that wants to get even with society by making some snuff films. The footage itself of the snuff films are horrifying. I don’t easily get grossed out by a movie, but I had to turn from the screen once during the totally twisted surgery scene. The film looks like it was way overexposed so don’t even try to get a copy that looks perfect, it was simply made that way. This film is hard to recommend, but if you’re looking to be totally creeped out, then by all means track this one down.



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