The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz (1968)

Directed by: George Marshall

Stars: Elke Sommer, Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer

Language: English

Country: Usa | HDRip

Also known as: As Maliciosas Aventuras de uma Loura, Sigan a esa rubia, Ta erotika oneira tis Paola, La minigonna proibita della compagna Schultz

Description: Paula Schultz has been preparing to compete in the Olympic Games, but instead pole-vaults over the Berlin Wall to freedom in West Germany. A black-market operator, Bill Mason, hides her in the home of an old Army buddy, Herb Sweeney, who now works for the CIA. Bill is willing to hand her over for a price, to either side, so a disappointed Paula returns to East Germany with propaganda minster Klaus instead. At this point, Bill comes to his senses, realizes he loves her, then disguises himself as a female athlete to get Paula back.



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