The Wrong Man (1993)

Directed by: Jim McBride

Stars: Rosanna Arquette, Kevin Anderson, John Lithgow

Language: English | VHSRip

Country: USA

Also known as: Dark Passion, Caminhos Errados, L’uomo sbagliato, El hombre equivocado

Description: US merchant sailor Alex Walker (Kevin Anderson) is stranded in Mexico, penniless and wanted by the police. He meets and joins up with an unlikely couple – ageing but likeable shit Phillip Mills (John Lithgow) and young sexy, frustated wife Missy (Rosanna Arquette). The three develop a curiously inter-dependent relationship. Meanwhile, Police Captain Diaz and Detective Ortega are closing in and the plot circle is closed at Tapachula rail station amidst a stack of mistakes and wrong decisions.



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