Vampire in Venice (1988)

Directed by: Augusto Caminito, Mario Caiano

Stars: Klaus Kinski, Christopher Plummer and Donald Pleasence

Language: English (dubbed)

Country: Italy

Also known as: Nosferatu a Venezia, Nosferatu à Venise, Nosferatu in Venedig, Nosferatu, príncipe de las tinieblas, Vampire in Venice,

Description: Professor Paris Catalano goes to Venice to investigate the last known appearance of Nosferatu during the Carnival of 1786. Catalano seems to think that the vampire is searching for a means to put an end to his torment and actually be dead. He stays with a family who, legend says, has the vampire trapped in a tomb in the basement. After a séance “the vampire” appears and then it becomes a question of how do you put the evil back into the box.



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